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Rechargeable Bladeless Fan

Rechargeable Bladeless Fan

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Product Description:

Introducing the Bladeless Fan with Multiple Wind Modes, an innovative and efficient cooling solution to keep you comfortable during warm days. This fan is designed with convenience and energy-saving features, ensuring a delightful cooling experience.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Wind Modes:

    • The fan offers three wind modes - 1 wind, 2 wind, and 3 wind, allowing you to customize the airflow according to your preference.
  2. Efficient Power Source:

    • Powered by a 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 2000mAh, providing a reliable and long-lasting power supply for uninterrupted use.


  • Power (W): 2W
  • Timing Function: No Timing
  • Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 8022041

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bladeless Fan

Experience a new level of cooling comfort with this Bladeless Fan, featuring multiple wind modes to suit your needs. Its efficient battery ensures uninterrupted airflow, making it a perfect addition to your space. Stay cool and relaxed with this versatile bladeless fan.

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